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A Story

If you’re interested in when I was born, when I defecated in my bed, or when I lost my virginity — you’d be better off looking in the pages of a biography — but you probably still wouldn’t find it there.
This is a story of love. My occupation isn’t just an activity that I used to do. This is my true love and my destiny. It doesn’t ask whether we like it or not. It doesn’t expect us to be solicitous.

The destiny obscure our outlook. Spreads into society, and unite us, while helping people understand the world through the eyes of a new person. It demands realization, and it attracts those exact people that you and I need!

My art is alone but not lonely, like drawing or writing. It is has evolved into an extraordinary amusement!
Directing, choreography, eurhythmics, grace, playing with light — attributes essential for a huge work and all must work seamlessly.

I adore this play of life. I love observing the process when people grow this beautiful and bizarre flower — an idea. When an idea sprouts new leafs — a plot, and in the end it bears fruit. I’ve waited many years, with bated breath and a sinking heart, to see when the curtain shall rise — when the fruit will illuminate the audience, cast and reveal the true miracle of art — which is that art is the maker of ideas!

The next «thing» is what is important today; whether there is something new to bring about change. The most important aspect of art and ideas is that is always something magical, and yet there are many people who simply don’t get it. Still there are also many people who will come to the Great Hall…. And the curtain will rise.