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Shock- atelier Zlata Tsirtsens — delicate work with refined taste.
Garments from another time… from high-flying circus programs to
sophisticated variety shows. Shock atelier Zlata Tsirtens
costumes provide for elite ballroom dancing, show-ballet,
sport dancing and solo performers.
Professional sketches, and quality complete costumes, including unique accessories and headgears.
The designer’s message is expressed through her work in different formats, and have defined the exact idea of the collection:
“A delicate sense of plasticity… The soft silhouette of universal perception silently hovering in motion — A miracle at the circus! Experience the world through the eyes of childhood fantasy, if only for a moment. The message has been absolute, and will always be to re-create and make clear to the audience the memories of precious innocence in our ephemeral world.”
Are you bored?
Let’s work together, I promise, you enjoy it!

Zlata Tsirsens
Simferopol, Crimea
tel. +7 (978) 834-38-78